Who am I?

I’m Kellie. A 28-year-old adventuress who, according to my friends, has a fair few good stories that should be told. Between working on my tell-all short-story series, where the real juicy details will reside, I’m travelling and living my life – and documenting it along the way.

What is this all about?

Travel is the main topic of this blog. I’ve been to 34 countries so far (check me out on Instagram) and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. My travel adventures started at 23 on the back of a couple of bad break-ups and a lust for experience (and maybe a holiday romance or two). I’ve lived in London, then I’ve moved to Guatemala, moved back to Sydney, Australia for love for a while then added another break-up to the tally and am now living in Madrid, Spain; with a whole bunch of exciting locations, insights and stories in between.

I’m flawed. I’ve done some dumb shit that has led to some hard times. I’ve also done some dumb shit that has led to some of the best times. I’d love for anyone who can to learn from all of this. Enjoy my mistakes. I can’t take them back. And, if you can’t laugh at yourself right? I’ve had a lot of experience with people, culture, lust, love and stupidity across the globe – and I’ve done all this on a budget! I’m always asked how I have managed it, and how I still do manage to travel, as a part-time worker and uni student. Well, I’m going to share all my secrets.

I really do believe that travel and relationships are the mint in your mojito. You can pretend to enjoy life without it but you really don’t know what you’re missing out on! You really don’t have to be fearless to take a leap. This blog can help you take the step and realise that it doesn’t take a lot of bravery OR a lot of money. Let me show you how.

What else should you know?

Don’t let my willingness to over-share and my ‘grab it by the balls’ attitude to life fool you though. I have a professional side. I’m currently working as a Marketing, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager pretty successfully while completing my Bachelor of Business in Public Relations. In my role, I am solely responsible for print media, PR, content planning, creation and social media management among other things. And I’m doing all of this from the sunny city of Madrid right now while finishing my degree. I’m a busy gal but communication, writing, travelling and cultivating relationships personally and professionally is my passion! Curious about what I could do for you? Check out my Linked in or my ‘What I do’ page. Want to collaborate? Check me out on Instagram and send me a message or email.

Otherwise, sit back, subscribe and enjoy the ride. xx