Can a little ‘dwelling’ over the past be a good thing?

People are always saying “Look forward!” “Don’t look back”  “Just concentrate on the future ” “Don’t dwell on the past!”.

But, I think sometimes you need to take a moment to look back, and its just as important.

Looking back at some of our struggles, some of the things we have overcome and some of the shit we are still yet to overcome.

Looking back at how far we have come. Where we once were and where we are now.

Or maybe, how far we haven’t come yet. Looking back on how far we may still have to go.

To help us reassess and set a new course if what we are doing isn’t working.

I think there are many reasons that looking back and reflecting and feeling those emotions that we often shy away from (the good and the bad) can be a positive thing.

So here I am, looking back at how far I have come and setting a new course for how far I still want to go.

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