Many professional successes in Australia and overseas.

After living, working and travelling abroad, now based in Sydney, Australia.

An experienced Content, Communications and Marketing manager completing a Bachelor of Business in Public Relations.



What I Can Do For You

Business & Public Relations

Established business or start-up.

Project or task-based consulting.

Business, strategy, marketing and public relations counsel.

Just let me know what you want to achieve. I will work with you to develop objectives and a strategy to achieve this.

Need someone to manage the roll-out? I can stick around for the implementation too.

Strategic Communication

Business strategy is crucial.

Strategic communications aimed towards the achievement of your business objectives is invaluable.

It’s also important that your communication acts to achieve the same objectives and outcomes as your overall business strategy.  I can help with this.

I can work with you to build a cohesive comms strategy from the ground up. Or meet you where you’re at and design consistent issues and crisis, stakeholder engagement or social media plan to align with what you already have in place.

Social Media & PR Writing


Not a buzz word. Not a hashtag.

Exposure is legit…

Exposure is the aim of the game.

Don’t speak just to say something..

Strategic PR writing is essential.

Blogs, media releases, editorials, features, speeches, statements, internal communications, issue and crisis communications to name a few.

I can write communications that align with your objectives and add value.

See my portfolio for examples of my work.

Other Specialties

Corporate Social Responsibility

You can’t be without this today. And if you don’t have authenticity behind it, you will soon be found out. In this digital age – you don’t want that!

I can help you authentically build socially, economically and environmentally responsible objectives into your strategy and operation model. We can workshop and create appropriate initiatives for your organisation, cultivate partnerships and relationships with organisations or NGOs with similar values and then implement and communicate your Corporate Social Responsibility program.

I can also help you ensure that the values and purpose behind these initiatives are authentically viewed within your business and that you gain recognition among important stakeholders for your efforts.

Website & Content Creation

Your website and social media needs to have revolving content.

Content should create free value for the target audience while opening them up to engaging in a relationship with your organisation.

It should also be cohesive and strategic – aiming to achieve something.

It is also time consuming…

Thankfully, you can use my skills, experience and technology to create interesting and engaging content!

From visualisation to actually taking and editing footage. No more treading water to consistently post updates to your social media or website.

Let Me Blog For You

Fantastic vents, press releases, initiatives, CSR etc. should be followed up by interesting and newsworthy content that is shareable.

Let me blog about your business next! Share it to your own website and social media or let me send it out to relevant sites to be published.

If you’re in Australia I can even attend to take video and photo content, conduct interviews or vlog and edit event content myself.

Sometimes you just need some help with the right words and some contacts. I’m available for task-based consultation such as this or as part of implementing a wider project or plan.